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In its capacity as President of the Security Council … Tunisia is calling with “Guterres” to send international observers to Libya … Why does Haftar fear this?

After the Secretary-General of the United Nations, “António Guterres”, called for sending international observers to monitor the ceasefire in Libya under the auspices of the United Nations, which paves the way for peace in the war-torn country, Tunisia, from its position in the rotating presidency of the Security Council, calls …

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The Turkish warning intersects with an Egyptian, Russian, and French rejection of Haftar’s calls for a new war …. and Bashagha’s efforts to neutralize the supporting countries are bearing fruit.

It became clear that Turkey’s position calling for a political settlement of the Libyan crisis and its warning against any military adventure by Haftar against the legitimate government in Tripoli intersected with the positions of countries that were until recently the most prominent supporters of Haftar’s aggression against it in …

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