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An Armed Group Attacked A Pumping Station Of The River

The administration of the Great Man-Made River system announced a storm by an armed group on the pumping station in the southern field in the fields of Al-Hasnawah water wells, that had intimidated the engineers and technicians, whom their mobile phones and some of their own belongings were stolen. On the official …

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Al-Mesmari: Justice and Construction Has Achieved Little

A member of the Supreme Committee of the Justice and Construction Party, Saleh Al-Mesmari, said that the meeting of the Commission did not achieve anything, and its outputs are a repeat of what was agreed upon at the previous meeting. In a statement to the ArraedLg, on Saturday,  Al-Mesmari confirmed …

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Italy Names Buccino Grimaldi An Ambassador To Libya

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Grimaldi has named Giuseppe Grimaldi an ambassador to Libya after former ambassador Giuseppe Beroni. According to the Italian news agency Aki, that the former Italian ambassador to Libya, will be named an ambassador to his country in Iran. Giuseppe Beroni left Libya last August, following criticism …

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