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Qalan : Russia’s support for Haftar via “Wagner” lacks legitimacy.

Turkish presidential spokesperson, Ibrahim Qalan, confirmed on Sunday that Russia’s support for Haftar via “Wagner” company lacks legitimacy, and his country continues to stand with the legitimate government. Qalan said , in statements carried by the “Anatolia” news agency, that Turkey is continuing to support the legitimate government in order …

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Bashaga: There is an obstruction of the Ministry’s projects, and we refuse to resettle migrants in Libya.

On Tuesday, Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga revealed that there are institutions within the Libyan state that stand against the ministry’s aspirations and hinder its projects. Bashaga added, during his meeting with heads of departments and agencies, directors of departments and security directorates in the regions, that there are European countries …

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Al-Qeblawi: The GNA will extend its control over the entire Libyan soil before resuming the political process and Haftar is not a partner in it.

On Sunday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mohamed al-Qiblawi said that the GNA would establish its full authority over all Libyan territory before resuming the political process. Al-Qeblawi added in an interview with RFI Radio France that the government has recovered all the regions in the West, except Tarhuna, which is the …

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A mass grave of 4 bodies was found in Al-Saa’dia.

On Saturday, the Ministry of the Interior found a mass grave in the Al-Saa’dia area that contained 4 bodies of a man, a woman and two children, which were completely decomposed. The ministry stated, on its official page, that the competent authorities have identified the owners of the bodies, who …

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