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US-Turkish agreement on the need for a formal ceasefire.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed on Sunday, with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlüd Çavoyş Oglu, on the need to reach a formal ceasefire agreement, and a reliable monitoring mechanism. Pompeo and Oglu, prior to the Berlin Summit, discussed ways to continue the peace process in Libya, according to the …

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Qatari Foreign Ministry condemns the suspension of oil exports.

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs deplored on Sunday, the storming of elements belonging Hifter of the Azwaitina oil port in eastern Libya, and stopping exports from it. The ministry confirmed, in an official statement, that Libya’s wealth belongs to the Libyans, and neither party has the right to manipulate …

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The mission is concerned about stopping oil production.

The United Nations Mission, on Saturday, expressed concern about stopping oil production, noting that this step will have severe consequences for the Libyan economy and people. In a statement on its official website, the mission urged all Libyans to show restraint while international negotiations continue to mediate an end to …

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Sawan: Inviting countries involved in hampering Libya’s stability disturbs the balance of the Berlin conference.

Justice and Construction Party Chairman Mohamed Sawan said on Thursday that inviting countries involved in obstructing Libya’s stability by standing against the legitimate government at the Berlin conference and absent other countries without clear ground and criteria is a matter that disturbs the balance of the conference, calls for concern, …

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