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Erdogan declares of prospective meeting with Putin on Libya … Will he succeed in stopping Russian support for Hifter?

After the Libyan side’s insistence and Turkish determination to move forward with the maritime security agreement between them, international stance began to support the sovereignty of the two countries and their right to conclude joint agreements despite the opposition of Greece and Cyprus. On the positive international stances on this …

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After the gun has failed to break the resistance of the defenders of Tripoli … Hifter’s media uses its hate speech as a weapon to incite and sow discord

Each time Hifter’s media reveals its hateful face steeped in the blood of Libyans and inciting discord between them, in order to ensure that the blood shed stays alive to fuel the hatreds that would thwart any attempt for reconciliation. Since the declaration of Alkarama operation, Hifter’s media has directed …

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