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A scientific study … Infection with the South African strain of Coronavirus may immunize infected people against other strains.

A scientific study revealed, Sunday, that infection with the South African strain may immunize the infected person against other strains, indicating that the plasma of the people who were infected with it showed “good neutralizing activity against the new mutated first wave viruses of concern.” According to the study conducted …

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The Corona Advisory Committee discusses the provision of vaccines in the first quarter of the year.

The Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic discussed providing new vaccines for Coronavirus under the umbrella of the World Health Organization and the International Vaccination Foundation. The meeting discussed – according to the committee’s official page – Tuesday, providing the required vaccines before the end of the first …

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The Corona Advisory Committee recommends several new measures, most notably the suspension of travel to countries of the new strain.

The Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat Coronavirus has recommended that travel to countries in which the new strain of virus has appeared should be temporarily suspended, and that financial fines be applied for violating the precautionary measures. The committee stated in one of its recommendations during its meeting with the …

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World Health Organization: 10 countries got 95% of Corona doses.

The Regional Director of the World Health Organization in Europe, “Hans Kluge”, said that 10 countries have received 95% of the doses of vaccines against the Corona virus. “Kluge” stated, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm website, on Saturday, that countries led by the United States of America obtained quantities of the …

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Corona Control Committee: We have taken permission to purchase a vaccine against Corona virus, and the quantity will be initially for 20% of the population.

On Wednesday, the media official for the Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Mohamed Al-Rabti, denied what was reported that the committee signs a contract to purchase 6,000 doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, confirming that the quantity in the contract will be announced later. Al-Rabti confirmed, in a statement to …

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