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Sanallah: There are several countries that benefit financially from the absence of Libyan oil from the global market, and it is appropriate for them to move Libyan dolls and foreign mercenaries.

The head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanallah, said Thursday that the ongoing conflict over oil facilities is more of an international political conflict than an internal Libyan dispute over revenue distribution. Sanallah added during the Middle East Summit, with the participation of Total executive manager Patrick Pouyanné, that …

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The Libyan Investment Authority: We lost $ 4.1 billion as a result of the restrictions imposed, and we will demand that we be allowed to invest.

The head of the Libyan Investment Corporation, Ali Mahmoud Hassan, said that the restrictions imposed on investment wasted about $ 4.1 billion in potential returns, stressing that he would ask the United Nations to allow him to invest in the Foundation’s funds. Hassan added, in an interview with Reuters news …

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