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Fuel trucks arrive in the south of Libya

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) media office director, Ahmad Al-Msellati confirmed on Tuesday the arrival of fuel and gas trucks to Abugrein area and from there to Brak Al-Shati and Sabha. Al-Msellati told ArraedLG, the military force in the central region accompanied the trucks to Abuqrein area, pointing out that …

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Zawiya Refinery resumes work

Hassan Al-Qulfat, an official at a Zawiya Refinery, confirmed on Saturday the resumption of distribution of fuel from the refinery to Tripoli, after being halted in the past two days. In a statement to ArraedLG, Al-Qulfat denied reports that one of the pipelines of the refinery located near Al-Harasha area …

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Belgium says Libyan assets are protected

The Treasury Department of the Belgian Ministry of Finance confirmed on Sunday that Libyan assets frozen in Belgium were untouched by any party and are being monitored by the Libyan Investment Authority. The Libyan Investment Authority chairman, Ali Mahmoud said he held a meeting with the Belgian Ministry of Finance, …

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PC sets up committee to discuss return of Chinese enterprises

The Presidential Council (PC) issued a decision to form a committee headed by the Minister of Planning to deal with the late and stumbling construction contracts signed with Chinese companies. In the decision issued on Tuesday, the PC outlined the committee’s 60-day working day to discuss with the relevant authorities …

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Libya denies signing Free Movement agreement in Africa

The Government of National Accord (GNA) foreign minister, Mohamed Al-Sayala denied on Wednesday Libya signing an agreement on free movement of citizens in the African continent. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs media office, Al-Sayala called on all media outlets to investigate the credibility of news stories and report …

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