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Canadians Say They Are Diligently Pursuing Kidnapping Case in Libya

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


On Sunday, the Canadian government confirmed that one of its citizens was kidnapped and held hostage in Libya. The Canadian government said that they will be “diligently pursuing all appropriate channels to obtain more information”.

According to Libyan authorities, the kidnappers were supposedly a criminal gang who kidnapped two Italians along with the Canadian last week. At that point, the Canadian government had not confirmed the disappearance of one of its citizen.

On Sunday, the Canadian Global Affairs Ministry labeled the kidnapping as “troubling,” but did not give any further information.

A spokesperson in an email said, “the government of Canada will not comment or release any information which may compromise ongoing efforts to secure their release or endanger the safety of Canadian citizens.”

The kidnapping took place last week in an area located between the towns of Ghat and Tahala, which are close to the Algerian border, said Gomani Mohamad Saleh, Ghat’s mayor.

No information has been released about the criminals or the conditions the hostages are being kept in.

Various armed gangs and militias operate in the vast Libyan Sahara desert. Some have accused Al-Qaeda of the attack, however, municipal officials from Ghat have refuted that claim.

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