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bypassing the failure of progress in the military dialogue … Salama calls on the Supreme Council of State to reverse its decision.

The Supreme Council of the State suspended its participation in the political dialogue that was called for by Ghassan Salamea the UN envoy to Libya until progress is made on the 5 + 5 Military Committee’s dialogue.

However, the UN envoy to Libya seems determined to ignore the failure of progress in the military dialogue, which is supposed to lead to a permanent ceasefire and the return of the displaced, and paves the way for the holding of the political dialogue, after he requested from the supreme Council of state to end the suspension of his participation in the political dialogue.

Personal gain

Member of the Supreme Council of State Adel Karamous said, Ghassan Salama is a United Nations employee who seeks to achieve any success, whatever its price, from the blood of people, for the sole purpose of registering in his record that he has achieved some success.

Karmous said that any efforts in the political and economic tracks will achieve nothing without stopping the fighting once and for all except personal gains for Ghassan Salameh adding to his memoirs and papers that he will read before his president in his periodic briefings.

attaching failure

For his part, Member of Parliament Suleiman Alfaqih saw that Ghassan Salama “is lying to himself and is believing himself”, so he says that there is optimism in the military dialogue, and another day he expresses his disappointment, as if by this he attributed his success to himself and failure to the Libyans.

Alfaqih expected, in a statement to Arraed, that the parliament will not agree in tomorrow’s session to start political dialogue without achieving results on the military track.

Al-Faqih added that the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of State had previously issued a joint statement stipulating the continuation of the dialogue in the political track, by achieving results in the military and economic dialogues.

With Salama insisting on political dialogue and Hifter’s intransigence in the 5 + 5 meetings, the army forces will remain stationed in their place in anticipation of any betrayal by the militia attacking Tripoli.

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