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“Bugeja” expresses his hope to open the fields and resume production.

The ambassador of the European Union to Libya, Alan Bugeja , expressed his hope on Tuesday during his meeting with the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanallah, to open the oil fields, resume production operations, the neutrality of the Corporation and the necessity of removing it from all political disputes.

In the same context, Sanallah said that the oil sector in Libya is going through difficult conditions as a result of illegal closures and the deteriorating security situation as a result of the presence of mercenaries and weapons in the oil sites, the rapid spread of the Corona pandemic and the scarcity of appropriate budgets as a result of the suspension of the main source of the country’s income.

Sanallah stressed the need to lift the blockade on the fields and ports and allow the corporation to start the necessary maintenance operations for pipelines transporting crude oil from the effects of leaks and resume production and exports to revive the state treasury as soon as possible and close the pages of crises and wars, indicating the corporation’s urgent need for financial resources in order to be able to fulfill its obligations and accomplish Many important and urgent requirements.

It is worth noting that the European Union ambassador, Alan Bugeja , confirmed on 28 June his support for the National Oil Corporation in its struggle to restore oil production as soon as possible.

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