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Briefing in regards to the Refugee crisis in Libya was held at the UN Security Council

On Tuesday a briefing in regards to the Refugee crisis in Libya was held at the UN Security Council

The French delegate, François Delattre, stated that France denounces the circumstances of human trafficking that is being witnessed in Libya. He added that human trafficking poses a threat to international peace and security, and that ending the tragedy of the immigrants in Libya will link to the political settlement of Libya’s political crisis, he suggested that the Security Council should increase their support towards UN envoy Ghassan Salame’s plan

The delegate of Ethiopia,Tekeda Alemu, stated that migrants from North Africa have been using Libya to cross into Europe and the current situation of migrants in Libya  calls for concern, and must be stopped.He stressed that the issue of migration can be addressed by dismantling the networks of human traffickers and smugglers, and that the efforts of the Libyan authorities must be supported by opening an investigation into the situation of migrants.

The delegate of  Egypt, Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta stated that Egypt hailed the Libyan authorities launching an investigation of the violations committed against migrants by criminal groups, adding that Egypt condemns and rejects the actions being done to the migrants in Libya

The delegate of the United States Michele J.Sison, said that the US. welcomes the  Libyan government’s condemnation of the circumstance of the human  trafficking  and appreciates the international efforts to provide assistance to migrants there.


Sison added that the smugglers are the ones responsible for the suffering of the migrants, and that the Security Council should work to dismantle smuggling networks in Libya. She  stressed that Council members should recommit to a secure Libya and fully support the Libyan Political Agreement.  As such, all actors should engage with the United Nations in good faith, she said, cautioning that any attempt to impose a military solution would only destabilize the country further.

In his statement the delegate of China, Shen Bo, said that all Libyan parties should be urged to achieve a political settlement that will contribute to ending the suffering of the migrants, and the international community needs to support the Libyan authorities to combat the crisis of migration and trafficking of humans. Bo added that there is a need to address the root causes of the migration issue and to increase support for the host countries of migrants


The Russian delegate Evgeny T. Zagaynov added that Libya should be supported in investigating the issue of human trafficking, additionally, Russia recognizes that some may  want to intervene in order to help solve the problem of migration in Libya , however this would only complicate the case.


The Italian delegate Sebastiano Cardi, said that Italy expresses its concern over the conditions of the detention center for refugees in Libya and supports the voluntary repatriation program that is supervised  by the International Commission on Migration. He added that there needs to be a sustainable solution to the migration circumstance that will stem from the strengthening and the building of Libyan institutions and local municipalities, in order help Libya secure its borders. He also emphasized  that migration flows should not be managed at the expense of human rights.He said Italy’s approach had always combined solidarity and security.  The solution to the Libya crisis must be political, he stressed, calling upon members to help the country on its path to security and stability.

The Libyan delegate Elmahdi S. Elmajerbi reiterated that Libya condemns the crime of selling migrants, whatever the nationality of the perpetrators are and that migration is a multifaceted international problem, and Libya cannot be not be held responsible for the transit states nearby. Elmajerbi said that the crime of trafficking in human beings is an organized crime and is carried out by criminal networks across the borders of countries that do not permit the Libyans from effectively protecting their borders.


He added that Libya rejects any trends aimed at settling migrants in Libya, and it hopes that  the European Union would review its policy in this regard. The delegate finally called upon the international community to unite in order to face the crisis of migration, instead of focusing on fueling the media and distorting the image of Libya.


For details on the briefing visit :https://www.un.org/press/en/2017/sc13094.doc.htm

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