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Brega announces end of fuel crisis in Tripoli

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BMC) said on Sunday, the company ended the fuel crisis in Tripoli and surroundings areas after agreeing with protesting truck drivers to increase price of fuel transportation by 30%.

The head of the fuel and gas distribution office in the company, Milad Al-Hajrsi told ArraedLG that BMC has been in contact with the Presidential Council (PC) for some time to resolve the fuel crisis in the South region, citing the main reason behind the crisis being the company’s inability to provide the allocated quantities for region, due to lack of necessary protection in the road connecting the fuel reservoirs of Misurata and Sabha.


Al-Hajrsi assured consumers in the south that Brega is working to address the fuel crisis and is on the way of resolving it this week.

BMC announced earlier, that oil tanker “Anwar Libya” unloaded 31 million liters of gasoline in Tripoli port.


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