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Breaking the barrier of fear … September 21, the day of protest in Benghazi.

The entire eastern region is no longer living its normal life, as its citizens live without rights and in fear all the time, they are tired of the hardship of living, so the calls for demonstrations increased , to obtain the most basic rights that were stripped from them by Haftar.

The squares and of most cities and in the eastern regions have witnessed, since September 12, three days in a row, sporadic protests calling for accountability of the corrupt, the establishment of a civil state without quotas, and the expulsion of all mercenaries who seize the sustenance of the Libyans, which resulted in the killing of a citizen and the unlawful arrest of dozens by Haftar’s militias .

Break the barrier of fear

September 21 will be different, and it may break the barrier of fear, especially in light of the calls made by the protesters on social media to go out tomorrow in Benghazi, and several cities in the east.

Haftar’s militias have hastened in their absolute competence in the intimidation carried out by Haftar’s military barracks, and their use of all security authorities to confront the protesters and prevent them from the right to freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by local and international law, and took to the streets and spread themselves to prevent demonstrations.

Using the media

Haftar’s media also had a share in the intimidation, so the supporter of the former regime went out and is currently supporting his successor, Haftar Abdullah Al-Athamna, on the “Libya Al-Hadath” channel owned by Haftar’s son, threatening and intimidating the demonstrators not to come out, following in the footsteps of his former leader using the language of stones.

Haftar himself did not give the eastern region peace since he assumed the reins of affairs militarily, so he recruited young men according to his own temperament, and imprisoned the opponents of his decisions militarily without distinguishing men from women and to waste more than 7 thousand young men in his aggression against Tripoli within one year.

Haftar’s militias controlling all life resources in the eastern region have dried up all the rights of citizens, financing a losing aggression against the people of the country, opening the door to treachery and disillusionment that cost Haftar material losses estimated at 50 billion in debts, and the citizen only got power cuts and lack of cash, and the collapse of the health sector.

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