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Boufayed: Overcoming the House of Representatives has Bbecome an Urgent Necessity

Member of the Highest State Council Edris Boufayed, on Monday, said that outstripping the House of Representatives (HOR) has become of great necessity, and in case the referendum law is not issued this week, it will be forwarded to the High National Elections Commission.

On his official page, Boufayed demanded the HOR to release a statement to justify this delay of promulgating the referendum law before the UN envoy Ghassan Slama frames the Libyan situation at the Security Council which will be held on November 8.

Boufayed pointed out that Salama had previously confirmed that he had alternatives to what he called the “Dead Council”, such as a sovereign decision by the presidential council or the UN Security Council to assign the matter to the Council of State after acknowledging the failure of the House of Representatives; or the United Nations to take care of the matter, clarifying that the UN has a precedent with an African country in this regard.

Boufayed added that the members of the House of Representatives are exploiting the State Council as a lifeline to overcome the current stage of covering their “utter failure.” He stressed that the issue of the referendum law requires only signing by the council’s president Aguila Saleh or MP Fawzi Al-Nuwairy.

The House of Representatives is still procrastinating in the issuance of the referendum law after the announcement passed and fortified constitutionally.

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