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Borass: We refuse the parallel government to sign any agreements.

On Monday, Rabea Borass, a member of Parliament, rejected the interference of the parallel government in the political affairs and international relations of the Libyan state and determining its regional path, which undermines the flexibility of its relations with all countries.

Borass promised that the parallel government’s signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Assad regime would be a crime that affects national security and the supreme interest of Libya, and its involvement in wars outside its borders, and interference in the policies and affairs of other countries with which the country has no borders, and which also suffer wars and crises, according to its official page.

Borass affirmed that she did not accept the restoration of the previous regime’s policy of supporting wars and financing them outside the borders of the country, which Libya paid dearly for, especially as the country is going through a crisis at all levels political, economic, security, and moral as a result of repeated calls for intervention by other countries in its internal affairs and presenting it as a scapegoat to reach power.

It is worth noting that the parallel government signed, on Sunday, a memorandum of understanding with the illegal regime of Bashar Al-Assad to reopen the offices of the diplomatic missions between the two countries.

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