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Bombing hospitals and shutting off water and electricity to Tripoli … Will Haftar contribute to the the spread of the Coronavirus ?

Haftar’s malicious intentions that he applies to civilians are no longer hidden from anyone, in order to achieve his dream, which has lasted for more than a year and is still doomed to failure; therefore, Haftar began playing new cards that may contribute to the spread of the Corona epidemic that threatens the country.

After failing to besiege the Tripoli government militarily and economically, he resorted to water, electricity, and sanitation and used it as a card to pressure the citizen, and he is well aware of its importance in combating this epidemic, which is spreading in Libya.

water shut off

Perhaps everyone realizes the importance of water in fighting Corona, which is used for sterilization, hygiene and so on, and Haftar rewarded the capital by cutting off its water by force of arms for the third day in a row after an armed group affiliated with him stormed the Schwerf Control Room and closed the water valves for Tripoli.

The River Authority announced that negotiations with the armed militias that shut off the water were unsuccessful, stressing its inability to return water to Tripoli at a time when it was most needed to combat Corona.

Targeting hospitals

Haftar not only contributed to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic by only shuting off water only, but his militia stationed south of Tripoli targeted Al-Hadba General Hospital, designated for treating people with this epidemic, with random shells for three consecutive days.

The bombing of hospital facilities and patients and threatened the lives of the medical staff – Forced the Ministry of Health to announce the suspension of work inside the hospital, which was the quarantine center for people infected with Corona.

These militias directed their missiles at the port of Tripoli, which was no longer used to supply sanitary materials and equipment. Rather, one of the ships anchored there is used as hospital for isolation, hitting its facilities and administrative offices.

Electricity Haftar’s new card

It appears that the militia of Haftar insists not only on besieging Tripoli, but also on contributing to the spread of Corona. Not only did it close the water and hospitals, but it went on to cut off the electricity that runs medical facilities and water wells.

His militia had closed a gas pipeline in the Sidi Al-Sayeh area south of Tripoli, feeding the Al-Khoms power plant, which caused the collapse of the general network in the western and southern regions.

The General Electricity Company appealed to the mayors, municipalities, and the dignitries to intervene immediately to open the pipeline so that the matter would not cause the network to collapse while the country faces the risks of corona.

Haftar’s actions do not indicate that he is the savior who will lift the suffering of the citizens as he is declared to be , on the contrary, he rather besieges the citizens and multiplies their suffering , instead he may exacerbate the spread of the deadly Corona epidemic.

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