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“Bogdanov” and “Norland” stress the need to adhere to the ceasefire agreement in Libya.

The Russian President’s Special Envoy to the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov stressed the importance of ensuring the comprehensive nature of the dialogue between the Libyans in order to ensure the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Libya.

“Bogdanov” stressed during his meeting with the American ambassador to Libya “Richard Norland” on Monday, the need for the Libyan parties to fulfill the agreement of cessation of hostilities and the tasks of the political settlement of the Libyan crisis according to the Berlin conference – according to what Sputnik reported.

It is worth noting that the US ambassador to Libya, “Richard Norland,” conducted a visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, on Monday; To discuss ways in which a Libyan-led solution with United Nations sponsorship can be supported with the Russian side, according to the statement of the US Embassy in Libya.

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