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Billions have been allocated for electricity, and the phenomenon of “black out” is still not over.

Despite the commitment of the Prime Minister of the GNU, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, during the assumption of his duties after the parliament approved the wide formation of government, to work for a complete end to the electricity crisis that has been haunting the citizen at his home and the person who works in his workplace.

However, not shortly after these statements, it became clear that the crisis is still at its place, despite the allocation of large budgets and the many billions on an electricity network that is still suffering.

In the recent black out of the network, Dbaiba went out and threw the problem that caused complete darkness in the western region into an act of a vandal who wanted to obstruct the company’s services.

Cases of darkness, not just interruptions

Cases of complete black out were repeated during these days more than once. The darkness covered the western region in the past days, and power cuts continued for many hours in their areas.

Total black out has also occurred in the eastern region for three consecutive times during the past days as well, coinciding with the state of darkness and discontinuity that occurred before it in the western region.

The state of darkness in the western region was justified by the General Electricity Company, by a shooting attack on one of the power transmission towers near the Al-Khums steam station, which caused the generating units of the Al-Khums steam station to go out of business, according to the company.

This was confirmed by the head of the national unity government, Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, during his visit to the General Electricity Company’s control department for the past two days, during which he demanded that citizens and municipalities protect the company’s facilities and power transmission lines.

The black out occurred due to a lack of maintenance. This matter was categorically denied by the Council of Elders and notables in the city of Al Khums, describing it as rumors, and stressing that the accident is nothing more than a technical problem caused by the failure to carry out periodic cleaning operations of the towers’ insulation.

In a statement issued by him in response to the accusations of assaulting one of the towers in the city, the council clarified, based on the testimony of the people who live near the tower, and the testimony of the head of the Committee for the Protection of the Leptis District, who lives next to the tower in question, in addition to the testimony of some members of the security services represented by the emergency police The Central Region Inspection Department and the Police Training Center, which all confirmed the incorrectness of the company’s announcement.

The Council categorically denied what it described as the rumors circulating about the shooting at electric power towers, pointing out that the accident is nothing more than a technical problem, the real cause of which is the failure to carry out periodic cleaning of the suspension insulators in the towers, which led to the separation of the power lines.

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