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Benghazi, Sirte and Hoon, recently … tired of the violations of Haftar’s militia and demands for his exit from the cities.

The leader of the aggression against Tripoli, Khalifa Haftar, began reeling in the cities he controlled with iron and fire, after his influence abroad diminished and became outside the international and regional calculations.

Hoon demonstrates against Haftar

After the rising voices opposing his actions and the childish actions of his sons in the eastern region, the people of Hoon went out in mass demonstrations demanding the departure of his forces and mercenaries from the region, in which they had committed corruption, plundered its people and planted terror in them.

The people of Hoon, stormed the headquarters of what is known as the “Command of the Military Region in the Southern Region” of Haftar; As a result of the killing of a citizen in the area by Haftar’s mercenaries, in addition to the repeated attacks on the people there.

The people demanded fair retribution from the killers of their sons, and declared civil disobedience until the Russian and Janjaweed mercenaries left the area permanently.

Supplies for Silence

Before Hoon, restlessness from the dire living conditions in Sirte began surfacing. Because of the siege imposed by Haftar’s militias and mercenaries on the city, and the prevention of supplies, medicine and fuel from entering the city.

as soon as Haftar felt that there was a surge of people that might shuffle the cards, he sought help from his followers and sent trucks of fuel, supplies and cooking gas to the city, as he tried to market himself as the savior who wants prosperity in the city.

Shrinking international influence

On the international level, the international abandonment of Haftar has become evident even among his biggest supporters Russia and Egypt, who have clearly dismissed Haftar and opened the doors for communication with the reconciliation government.

After a break of more than 6 years, an Egyptian delegation visited the capital, Tripoli. To open channels of communication, restore relations with the reconciliation government and end the years-long estrangement, while Russia called on Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala to discuss relations and agreements between the two countries, and the Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha’s visit to Moscow will follow, to discuss cooperation between the two countries.

All the facts, local and international developments, are pouring in the direction of getting rid of Haftar, and his removal outside the political and military scene in Libya, through support for dialogue and the UN-led settlement in Libya.

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