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Benghazi is a land of fear and tribal militias.

The American New York Times report on the city of Benghazi revealed the state of terror and fear prevailing in the city, and the report spoke about the state of panic among the population, out of fear of arbitrary detention by Hifter militias, as no one can hold these pro-government militias accountable.

 The report’s author added that Benghazi with half of it is in ruins and suffers from corruption, “and the security men hang around in civilian clothes that listen to everything and track foreign journalists.”

Alliance with Awaqir

 The newspaper report spoke that members of the Awaqir tribe allied with Hifter since 2013 claim that they have paid a heavy price with many of their sons, and that they want rewards as they formed the “Guardians of Blood” battalion to seek revenge, and they were also accused of enforced disappearance and murder.

The report added that Hifter sponsored the assassination group “Guardians of Blood” to kill his political opponents as well. When the parliamentarian Siham Sarquiwa was kidnapped, the attackers put the name “Guardians of Blood” on the wall of her house, in addition to the residents of Benghazi complaining of corruption and enrichment by the tribal militia leaders And former Gaddafi officers.

He rules with fear

Writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer believes that Hifter is already governing eastern Libya with fear, for people are submissive because of the state of repression imposed on everyone there by his security brigades.

 Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that what was stated in the New York Times report is correct.

Al-Kabeer continued that, although the New York Times is one of the first-row newspapers in America, its influence on the Libyan issue will remain limited, because what is happening in Libya is monitored by the American intelligence services that draw the features of American policy, yet newspaper reports are important because the institutions will take them into consideration and will not ignore them.

Making themsleves deaf

As for the writer and political analyst Abdulmajid Alawiti, he believes that the American administration are Making themsleves deaf on these facts as if they do not care about them, or it wants from its continuity an interest in particular those that relate to extremist groups such as the Salafi groups that are considered half-sister to ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Alawaiti added, in a statement to Arraed, that the foreign reports dealing with the dire security, social and religious situation in Benghazi are many under the chaotic era of Hifter, and has reached the American press in particular is worse.

Not strange

While writer Mohamed Ghemim sees that what the New York Times monitored from the state of the street in Benghazi is no strange to military regimes that only have intimidation, terror and oppression, and the spread of a culture of espionage and mistrust among society.

Ghemim added, in a statement to Arraed, that we are speaking heartily about Benghazi because it has always been proactive in rejecting oppression and tyranny and has an honorable history from the jihad against the colonizer to the revolution against Gaddafi.

The military system that Hifter uses, which is made up of members of the former regime and Egyptian intelligence, has devoted tribalism, subservience, and ignorance to many of the city’s residents.

Ghemim continued that what is going on in Benghazi is not strange because the military alliance with some of the tribesmen who unfortunately distorted the meaning of the tribe in Libyan society, and made themselves slaves of Hifter who uses them as a stick to hit Whoever he wants , makes what the Times newspaper monitored a huge media explosion because no one documented such information before, but this newspaper with its weight was able to do so, and was able to show that Benghazi has become a large prison in which thousands of people lie under oppression and repression.

Observers unanimously agree that the horrifying and horrific facts and scenes contained in this report are only part of the true tragedy that all regions under the grip of military rule which caused the country delay in joining civilization for more than forty years, and which still threatens the country’s capital since last April. But to no avail.

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