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Bashagha’s visit to France … questioning the intentions and responses denying these allegations.

After the heinous defeat of Haftar’s militias in the western region and their expulsion from it on the sixth of last June, the countries supporting him rushed to offer political solutions, and began to abandon him after his dismal failure and the steadfastness of the Libyan army forces and the men of the reconciliation government.

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha was one of the first officials who took the lead in the political scene in the Government of National Accord during the period of aggression, declaring his position on this treacherous attack and standing against it with all his might.

After the victory and defeat of Haftar’s military project, Bashagha entered the political battle, and official invitations came from Cairo, Paris and Moscow to visit them, after they were sure of the defeat of their ally Haftar.

However, some parties started a campaign of distorting what the minister is doing, questioning his intentions, even though he was yesterday at the front of those confronting the aggression.

Among them is a member of the House of Fatwa, “Sami Al-Saadi,” who demanded in a post on his personal Facebook account to mention what he called “the most desired interests” from Bashaga’s visit to France.

Al-Saadi considered that the evils in this visit outweigh the interests, including the recruitment of police cadets, and the gathering of information that will be provided by the agreement signed between the Interior Ministry with its French counterparts, which will benefit Haftar, according to him , who is still mobilizing his militias for war until this hour.

However, a member of the secretariat of the International Union of Muslim Scientists, “Wanis Al-Mabrouk,” confirmed that Bashagha’s visit to France is part of the topic of ordinary transactions under the jurisprudence of the so-called Shariat policy.

Al-Mabrouk said that he does not see the diplomatic visits to France by officials of Islamic countries as evil in itself, but rather a political act that revolves around the sphere of interests and corruption, or giving priority to some of them over the other, with some controls mentioned in the folds of the article, and the appreciation of those interests is primarily due to the discretion of officials Politicians, and this does not prevent others from disagreeing with their opinion in assessing the interest, but without leading to criminalizing them for committing the forbidden, or calling them trators.

Wanis added in a post on his personal account on Facebook that imparting generalization or consistency to the treatment of “enemy or opponent” is neither correct nor directed, rather it is dependent on the interest estimated by the ruling body, the imam or whoever is acting on his behalf, , and only it is permissible, but that is due to the opinion of the imam, according to what he sees as the best and most cautious for Muslims,” which is a political norm in our Islamic heritage. Imam al-Qurtubi al-Maliki said, “The Caliphs and the Companions on this path that we have legitimized are still passable, and working in the ways that we have explained.”

And Wanis considered that if we followed the path of generalization it would forbid us from visiting Russia, America and Britain, and to sever all relations with them as a matter of priority, then it would be no secret for any sane person – even if we forgot or made to forgot – what these countries have done with the most sacred things which are the blood of Muslims and the blessings of our Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and with the goodness of our country. ! The differentiation in this place between France and those countries without a correct basis, the jurist may sign what the Islamic Shariat has denied and which scientists called “the differentiation between the similarities,” and the jurist may appear – sooner or later – with the appearance of a contradiction, according to him.

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