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Bashaga to the Guardian: More than 1500 mercenaries from “Wagner” participate with Hifter in his aggression.

Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga said that the number of “Wagner” mercenaries involved with Hifter is estimated at more than 1500 mercenaries, stressing that Wagner is a Russian company fighting on behalf of Russia, and it has a large project not only in Libya, but in Africa as a whole.

In an interview with the British newspaper, The Guardian, on Friday, Bashaga added that Hifter wants to rule the country with the same approach of the previous regime, which is dictatorship, pointing out that Hifter launched his aggression against the western region by accusing it of being a mixture of the armed Brotherhood, militias and terrorists who control the The resources of the Libyan people, however, all these accusations that Haftar argues, are the ones he makes, according to him.

Bashaga indicated that some of the major countries in the Security Council live in fear of small countries such as the UAE, Egypt and Jordan, and allowed them to apply a comprehensive violation of the United Nations arms embargo on the country, wondering why some countries continue to support Hifter, including France.

Bashaga threatened Hifter to escalate the fighting by the Libyan army, to push him to where he came from, due to his militias repeated breach of the truce and its disregard of the arms embargo and the bombing of the capital with aircrafts.

It is worth noting that the countries of the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Russia and France support Hifter with weapons, mechanisms, ammunition, mercenaries and drones since the start of its aggression against Tripoli last April, and this violates the arms embargo imposed on Libya.

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