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Bashaga: There is an obstruction of the Ministry’s projects, and we refuse to resettle migrants in Libya.

On Tuesday, Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga revealed that there are institutions within the Libyan state that stand against the ministry’s aspirations and hinder its projects.

Bashaga added, during his meeting with heads of departments and agencies, directors of departments and security directorates in the regions, that there are European countries seeking to resettle migrants inside Libya, but their intention is rejected and unacceptable, and it is considered a violation of the national security of Libya.

And Bashaga expressed his aspiration for Libya to be a stable and sovereign state without the interference of any external parties in solving its problems, and for the solution to be Libyan.

The Minister of the Interior stressed the necessity of developing the employees of the Ministry of Interior electronically and technologically to keep pace with the times and to rise to the ranks of the ministries of interior of developed countries.

And Bashaga called for joining efforts and making more sacrifices for Libya by drying up the sources of corruption and holding the person negligent of his duty accountable.

Bashaga emphasized the necessity of introducing a training program for specialized police high schools; Because of its importance in extending security and stability of the country and preserving lives and public and private property.

The Bashaga saluted the army on the frontlines of the fighting axes in their defense of the capital Tripoli against the militias and mercenaries who are seeking the return of the military rule back to Libya.

It is worth noting that the Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga revealed, in a press conference last February, that there are people who obstruct the projects of the Ministry of the Interior, and that corruption has been rampant in the Ministry for years.

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