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Bashaga stresses his determination to develop the Ministry of the Interior.

The Minister of Interior, Fathi Pashaga, confirmed on Tuesday his determination to develop the Ministry of the Interior, to restore bridges of trust between the citizen and the police, and to provide the necessary capabilities for the security services and follow-up their work.

Bashaga said, during his meeting with France 24, that the militias are present in the entire Libyan soil, a situation that appeared in Libya after 2011 and formed battalions in all Libyan cities after the previous regime threatened these cities with destruction.

Bashaga explained that the militias are located in the east, west and south of the country, and Hifter used them to attack the capital and state institutions, noting that there are efforts for the GNA to integrate them with the security services and arrest the so-called armed gangs.

Bashaga stressed his support for the dialogue with the Libyans, and his complete refusal to negotiate with Hifter, denying that the reconciliation government used mercenaries, explaining that Turkish support took place in broad daylight.

The Minister of the Interior, Fathi Bashaga, stated, in a press conference, Thursday, that the Ministry of Interior will not leave those who fought terrorism and repel the aggression, and will train, qualify and care for them; they are “heroes”.

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