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Bashaga: Soon we will expel Hifter militias outside Tripoli.

Interior Minister Fathi Bashaaga confirmed on Monday, that the reconciliation government would soon seek to oust Hifter’s militias, and that the Libyan army forces would soon turn from defense to attack, because there was no hope for a ceasefire.

In an interview with Reuters news agency, Bashaga added that the reconciliation government does not want Tripoli to be under daily bombardment and we will expel the Hifter militia outside Tripoli.

Bashaga called on the United States and Britain to put pressure on the countries that support Hifter, indicating that Libya would face a major humanitarian crisis if the international community did not intervene.

It is worth noting that, on Friday, the Hifter militias fired more than 60 missiles at the airport in Maitiga and about 60 other missiles on its residential neighborhoods, which resulted in the halting of air navigation at the airport and the injury of a number of civilians in their homes.

Earlier yesterday evening, a shell hit the house of Khaled Mami’s family in Sidra, which resulted in the death of his son Mohamed, 10 years old, and wounded his wife and two of his children.

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