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Bashaga: Salama resigned because he was under great pressure.

Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga said on Tuesday that Ghassan Salama’s resignation came after he came under great pressure due to the division of the countries of the world and the Security Council, explaining that the interference of some regional and foreign powers and countries contributed to increasing the confusion of the scene.

In his interview with Tunisian Radio Mosaique, Bashaga added that the challenges in Libya are differen from Tunisia, as they built strong institutions, while institutions in Libya are fragile, indicating that the GNA eradication of ISIS in Sirte and in cooperation with the US , reflected on Tunisia, for it achieved security and stability in the region.

Bashaga explained that the signing of the two memoranda of understanding with Turkey is to create a military balance that forced Hifter and everyone to go to the dialogue table, stressing that Hifter cannot now control the Wazen and Ras Jedir border crossings, despite him saying that he controls both.

Bashaga expressed the readiness of the reconciliation government to cooperate and participate with all countries, including France, which changed its approach after it was a major supporter of Hifter. It is worth noting that the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, presented, on Monday, a request to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to relieve him of his post which he had held since 2017.

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