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Bashaga: Hifter’s aggression cost $ 36 billion in lost oil revenue.

Interior Minister Fathi Pashaga revealed that the aggression of Khalifa Hifter on the capital Tripoli cost $ 36 billion in lost oil revenues, and that his printing of the currency in Russia led to a devaluation of the dinar.

In an interview with the British newspaper, The Guardian, on Friday, Bashaga said that the whole country suffers from a lack of justice in the distribution of wealth, and that some citizens in the eastern region complain of marginalization, explaining that Tripoli and the cities of the western mountain suffer the same difficulties as the eastern region, noting that they You need to find a budget system to distribute it in a less centralized way.

Bashaga indicated that he is in the process of supporting a comprehensive program of economic reform to reduce the country’s bloated public sector and work to redistribute resources throughout the country and integrate the militias into the organized security services.

And Bashaga said that the Ministry of Interior has 280,000 employees all over the country, and that the GNA pays the salaries ofthose who fight with Hifter ,therefore we need a complete reform system to change the economy.

It is worth noting that Khalifa Hifter launched his aggression against the capital, Tripoli, on April 4 last year, in which he used all weapons, aircraft and mercenaries.

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