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Bashaga discusses with officials the illegal immigration dossier.

On Wednesday, Minister of Interior Fathi Bashaga stressed the need to pay attention to the issue of illegal immigration, because it is one of the important files facing the state, adding that it is a problem that threatens the national security of the countries affected by it.

According to the official page of the Ministry of the Interior, Bashaga chaired a meeting to discuss the issue of illegal immigration, which included the President and members of the Office of the Italian Presidential Council, the head of Passports and Nationality, the head of combating illegal immigration, the director of coastal security, the director of Tripoli security, the director of the Department of Interior Relations, and the head of the Coast Guard Of the Libyan army, and a number of immigration Intelligence officers.

For his part, the head of the anti-illegal immigration agency, Brigadier “Almabrouk Abdulhafeez” stressed the need to support centers that gather migrants and provide them with material and logistical support, and that these centers should be on outskirts of the residential cities.

It is worth noting that the International Organization for Migration announced last February that the Libyan coast guard forces have intercepted and rescued at least 1700 migrants and returned them to Libya, while more than 3 thousand people arrived in Italy and Malta.

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