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Why did Al-Sarraj give dialogue committee until end of October to agree on a new executive authority? Will the committee succeed in forming it on time?

After the dialogues and agreements that took place in the Moroccan city of Bo zniqa and the Swiss city of Montreux; For the purpose of unifying state institutions, leading to elections. The President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, has appeared, announcing his desire to hand over his duties to …

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Bashagha: “The reconciliation government recommended continuing to grant Palestinians the right to residency, education and treatment.”

Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha confirmed that the reconciliation government has issued instructions to the concerned authorities to grant Palestinians in Libya the right to residency, education and treatment, apply for work, and obtain licenses to practice activities, professions and crafts of various kinds. The Chargé d’Affairs of the State of …

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Al-Mishri responds to critics of the Moroccan Dialogue: The names of those holding sovereign positions have not been mentioned.

After the end of the two rounds of political dialogue in Bo-zniqa and Montreux, and the resulting agreements that could end the Libyan crisis and unify state institutions, leading to elections. Many rumor mongers from those obstructing these dialogues began talking about sharing positions between the two delegations in both …

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In his steps towards fighting corruption … Bashagha introduces a department to combat financial crimes, money laundering and terrorist financing.

As part of his efforts to properly build the structures of the Ministry of the Interior, the Minister of Interior decided today, Monday, to create a department for combating financial crimes, money laundering and financing terrorism in the ministry. The department will collect information and investigate crimes of theft, plundering …

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