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Sawan: The government formation must be approved and supported, because the country’s situation cannot tolerate more aggravation.

The Chairman of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sawan, stressed, on Monday, the need to approve the new government formation, give it confidence and support, adding that the country’s situation does not tolerate further aggravation, noting that what has been achieved represents an opportunity that imposes on all rational …

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Agila Saleh: I condemn the attempt to assassinate Bashagha, and there will be no meeting in Sirte until after the formation of the new government.

On Sunday, the Speaker of the Tobruk Parliament, Aqila Saleh, denounced the attempt to assassinate Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha in the Janzour area, west of Tripoli. Saleh added that there will be no meeting in Sirte to vote on granting confidence to the government until after the prime minister presents …

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UN experts report: 3 Emirati companies were involved in the attempt to kill Libyan leaders during the aggression on Tripoli.

The report of the United Nations experts at the Security Council revealed the involvement of 3 Emirati companies in violating the arms embargo resolution imposed on Libya during the period of aggression on Tripoli, adding that they are well-funded private military companies called “Project Opus”, designed to provide military equipment …

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A confidential UN report reveals the involvement of Blackwater company in breaching the arms embargo on Libya to support Haftar.

The American newspaper “New York Times”, Saturday, published leaks from a confidential report by UN experts indicating the involvement of the former head of the “Blackwater” company, “Eric Prince,” in supporting Khalifa Haftar in his aggression against Tripoli with mercenaries and attack drones, in violation of the arms embargo on …

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In cooperation with Russia, officers in the Assad regime are involved in recruiting mercenaries sent to Libya.

“Arabi 21” website quoted “a Syrian local network” that there are officers of the Syrian regime involved with Russia in recruiting mercenaries in exchange for obtaining a commission estimated at 100-150 dollars for each member they recruit, with Russia intensifying its recruitment campaigns. The Syrian journalist Ahed Al-Salibi told Al-Arabi …

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English website “Global Witness” reveals the Central Bank’s manipulation of documentary credits and the indirect ownership of a major bank in Britain.

Our new report illustrates how Libya appears to be losing millions of dollars annually through the fraudulent use of the LC system, run by the Central Bank of Libya. Despite being a vital factor in meeting Libya’s import needs, the appropriations system has been plagued by misuse, which our new …

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The Libyan Investment Authority welcomes the sanctions committee’s rejection of Belgium’s request to dispose of the frozen funds.

On Saturday, the Libyan Investment Authority welcomed the UN Security Council’s sanctions committee’s rejection of the Belgian authorities ’request to lift the freeze on part of its assets, noting that this step is in line with the applicable sanctions regime and its objectives. The Foundation confirmed – in a statement …

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