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Asunni: Libya, even if it is wounded, it will better .. even if there are people who don’t want it to recover.

Libya’s delegate to Security Council Taher Asunni said on Thursday that treating armed formations does not come by weapons or military rule, and that it will not succeed whoever tries to sow discord between us, and that Libya will be a sovereign state, whether they wants or they refuse.

In his speech before the Security Council session, Asunni affirmed that we defend our legitimate right to defend our people, and we will pursue the countries involved in supporting the aggression, and that we will not allow the division of our country, and Libya will remember who stood with it, and will not forget who stood against it.

In his speech, Asunni added that international reports confirmed the UAE’s support for Hifter who wants to overturn legitimacy, despite the geographical distance between Libya and Abu Dhabi, it is surprising from the representative of France, who didn’t mention the supportive countries of Hifter, including its state, and mentioned the supporters of the legitimate reconciliation government.

Asunni indicated that countries provided Hifter with weapons and mercenaries to support his aggression against Tripoli, and this was confirmed by the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. What Hifter’s spokesperson said is convinced that the solution in Venice confirms that they do not want peace.

It is worth noting that the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, said on Thursday that Hifter strengthened his forces with weapons and equipment, including mercenaries, south of Tripoli, and that Hifter’s “militias” carried out reprisals in the areas under their control, in Tripoli and Tarhuna.

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