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Ashater: Hifter left Moscow to confuse the scene and make it more complex.

Member of the Supreme Council of the State Abdulrahman Ashater said on Tuesday that Hifter leaving the negotiating table without signing means his continuing approach of confusing the political scene and complicating matters further.

Ashater explained, in a statement to the Arraed, that this scenario is similar to what happened in the political agreement when Aqila Salah asked for the expanding the membership of the Presidential Council and then demanded to reduce it.Hifter objected then because the people in Sovereign positions are near the end of their terms and the Councils of deputies and high state should find replacements for them, this is what is happening now in Moscow ,Hifter seeks to dictate his terms.

Ashater affirmed that we will see the continued fighting, bloodshed, property destruction, and the continued displacement of citizens, after Hifter ruined the Moscow meeting and the establishment of the ceasefire.

 It is worth noting that the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that Hifter had left Moscow without signing the ceasefire agreement.

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