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Asarraj: We will not relinquish our national principles.

President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, said on Monday that we will not give up our national constants, and that the political path that we will take will be a continuation of the great sacrifices that have been made towards the establishment of the state we dream of, he said.

Asarraj added, during a speech addressing the Libyan people regarding the signing of the cease-fire in Russia today, that the ceasefire is only a first step in order to dispel the illusions of those seeking power with force of arms and dreamers of the return of tyranny, as he put it.

Asarraj confirmed that the step to sign a cease-fire is to prevent more Libyan bloodshed, and that they will never be relinquishing the blood and sacrifices of the martyrs, and will not sell the dream of marching towards a civil state.

The President of the Presidential Council stated that their acceptance of the ceasefire comes from a position of strength in order to preserve the national cohesion and social fabric while preparing for the resumption of military operations and defeating the aggressor if any breaches of this agreement occurred.

Al-Sarraj called the Libyans to manage their differences democratically and through dialogue. There is no longer any room for acceptance of the totalitarian rule.

It is worth noting that the Fayiz Asarraj announced, on Sunday, the acceptance of the government for the cease-fire in response to the initiative of the Turkish and Russian presidents, more than 9 months after Hifter’s aggression on Tripoli.

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