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Asarraj: We are tired of the international statements, and the bombing of the port has a destructive purpose.

President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, said on Wednesday that targeting the port of Tripoli does not only endanger the capital, but is a clear message from the aggressor rebel and his supporters that there is no credibility to the ceasefire, and that its purpose is to gain more time to implement its destruction plan.

Asarraj added, during an inspection tour of the Tripoli sea port, that the GNA was fed up with international statements calling for restraint from the two conflicting parties, and we say there are no two conflicting parties, but there is a criminal aggressor who does not refrain from committing crimes to achieve his goal of seizing power, and there are victims who defend themselves and their families and a democratic civil state.

Asarraj confirmed that continuing to deter the aggressor and defeat it on the battlefield, indicating that the bombing almost led to a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe if the shells hit one of the ships loaded with fuel and liquefied gas that was anchored in the port, recalling that this port is the one through which medical, food and equipments enter and fuel supplies to generate electricity.

The Presidential Council announced, on Tuesday, the suspension of the talks held in Geneva, Switzerland, in the military issue, in protest against the repeated violations of the Hifter militias, the latest of which was the bombing of the port of Tripoli on Tuesday.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Health announced that the bombing of the Tripoli sea port, which killed three civilians, wounded five others, and damaged containers that were loaded with food and medical needs for citizens.

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