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Asarraj : The 5+5 committee journey is still a long way off.

President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, considered that the talks of the Military Committee in Geneva aim to achieve a permanent ceasefire, and its journey is still long.

Asarraj regretted, in a statement to the Turkish Anatolia Agency, that his government had not found a partner with it in the past years, for achieving peace, and supporting the path of the ceasefire and stopping the war.

Asarraj condemned the attacks of Hifter militias on residential neighborhoods and the continuous attacks on areas and cities in the west of the country, especially the damage caused to the infrastructure, the displacement of residents, the destruction of airports, the targeting of the Tripoli seaport, the bombing of the Military College and the shelters for migrants, noting that they are all the repercussions of the war from which the Libyans were not spared.

Asarraj reiterated that Hifter and his supporters are committing crimes against the Libyans and it is considered a war crime that they must be held accountable for.

It is worth noting that the meeting in the 5 + 5 committee ended the second round of dialogue without reaching a permanent ceasefire, and they will return to Geneva to resume negotiations next March.

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