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Asarraj questions Hifter’s intentions to move towards peace.

On Sunday, President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, expressed his doubts about Khalifa Hifter’s intentions regarding any agreements or understandings that mightbe reached in the future, pointing out that the long experience proved to everyone that Hifter seeks power at any cost.

Asarraj said, during a statement to German News Agency, that the international division and negative external interventions contributed to fueling the crisis, noting that the Berlin conference is an opportunity to unify the international position towards the Libyan crisis.

Asarraj added that the Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey provides the government with military support to confront the aggressor party that obtained, and still obtains significant military support from several countries, in addition to its use of Russian mercenaries, and from Sudan and Chad, and this is all documented.

Asarraj rejected the accusations directed against Turkey of transferring Syrian mercenaries to Libya, stressing that they do not exist among the army forces, saying that it is “misleading”, stressing thr continuity of defense and forcefully until the aggressors are defeated as a legitimate and indisputed right.

It is worth noting that President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, confirmed today during his meeting with Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan in Germany on Sunday that the ceasefire is linked to the withdrawal of the aggressor force.

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