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Asarraj calls on those supporting the war in Libya to leave the Libyans alone

The President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, on Friday called on the outside actors supporting the war in Libya to leave the Libyans alone, adding that they do not dream of making Libya a base for them, a farm, or a cave for dictatorship and injustice, because Libya will only be an oasis of freedom and true democracy.

Asarraj said in Televised speaach that the Libyan army forces repulsed the aggression and liberated Gharyan, and taught invaders, coup-makers, mercenaries and agents a harsh lessons in the art of fighting, durability and courage.

Asarraj also called for a gathering around the civil state project and for belief in our right in a state of institutions, law, liberties and citizenship, and the few people of the homeland to abandon imaginary and absurd projects, which only offered thousands of young victims and destruction of the cities and rhetoricof death, as he put it.

It is worth noting that Hifter announced in a televised speech on Friday evening, the start of what he called a “decisive operation” to advance towards the capital, Tripoli, and in return, civilian and military leaders in the GNA vowed to thwart any new attack on the capital, underestimating his threats.

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