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Arraed confirms the truth of what was published by the Italian newspaper “La Republica” about Al-Sarraj’s offer to Haftar.

  • None of the Italian officials lied about what was reported by “La Repubblica”, the country’s second largest newspaper, and the one closest to the ruling center-left movement.
  • Al-Sarraj’s advisors waited 20 hours for the news to be reported in the local and international media to deny it

A source close to the President of the Presidential Council, Faiz Al-Sarraj, confirmed the authenticity of what was reported by the Italian newspaper, “La Repubblica”, about the letter Al-Sarraj requested to convey to Haftar, proposing that he nominates a prime minister from the eastern region in exchange for Al-Sarraj retaining the position of President of the Presidential Council.

Speaking to Arraed, the source was surprised that some of Al-Sarraj’s advisors had denied the news after more than 20 hours of its publishing in various international and Libyan media outlets, causing a sensation among the supporters of legitimacy who repelled the aggression against the capital.

“La Repubblica”, the second largest daily Newspaper in the country, said Monday that Al-Sarraj arrived in Rome in the middle of this month on a private visit accompanied by his wife and his private secretary, and he asked the Italian Prime Minister to convey his message to Haftar, which is what Conte did during his meeting with Haftar in Benghazi last weekend, for the release of the Italian fishermen detained there.

“La Repubblica”, which is described as being very close to the ruling center-left movement in Italy, also quoted Italian officials as saying: The proposal presented by Al-Sarraj to Haftar is not applicable, and faces a thousand obstacles that prevent it from being implemented, the first of which is that Haftar himself will not accept to appoint a strong prime minister from the east so that he would be a rival to him, and he could not be a weak prime minister; Because he will not achieve anything on the ground, and the possibility of a prime minister from the east succeeding in his mission inside the capital, Tripoli, is very difficult without a comprehensive agreement with which all parties participate and are satisfied, according to the expression of Italian officials, which means that the solution is not in a secret deal between two people, as Al-Sarraj suggested to Haftar.

The Italian Prime Minister “Conte” or any of the Italian officials did not deny the news reported by “La Repubblica”, which means in the media terms and political convention reinforcing and believing what the newspaper reported, and they could not remain silent if the news was inaccurate; Because the Italian newspaper mentioned the details of the characters, the place and the time during which Al-Sarraj’s message was conveyed to Haftar from Tripoli to Rome, then Benghazi, which suggests that the source who leaked it to the newspaper is very familiar, and from within the corridors of the Conte government.

In a related context, a member of the of the Supreme Council of the State, who refused to reveal his name, confirmed to Arraed that the council held a session regarding this incident, expressing surprise that Al-Sarraj’s entourage denied this news.

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