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Aqila and Haftar’s talk about the political agreement are contradictory, one called for it to be amended and the other called for it to be dropped.

In a scene that consecrates the attempts of the internal coup, the apparent confusion in the Alkarama camp , and the race for ruling the country between the head of the Tobruk representatives, Aqila Saleh, and the leader of the aggressor militias, Khalifa Haftar , the two came out in one day and delivered two speeches to the Libyans, demanding the people’s authorization to keep them in power.

These two speeches that were broadcasted with a time difference not exceeding an hour – revealed Haftar and Aqeela’s contradiction and their struggle for power. The first called for the end of the political agreement that would end the House of Representatives, and the other called for amending it according to the regions, and this may exclude Haftar from the scene.

staying in Power

Aqila Saleh presented, in his speech, an initiative based on restructuring the current executive authority that is derived from the political agreement and re-selecting its members, according to the three regions of Barqa, Tripoli and Fezzan.

In his initiative, Saleh called for rewriting the constitution with the parliament continuing until new legislative elections are held, completely ignoring the draft constitution ready for the referendum.

Military Failure

 As for Haftar, who has always believed in a military solution and access to power through the tank – he called on the people to go out and overthrow the political agreement and the presidential council on the pretext that they underestimated the dignity of the citizens and neglected the sovereignty of the country.

In his speech, which appears to have been recorded some time ago, Haftar called on the people to authorize the institution they deem appropriate to manage the affairs of the country, before his supporters and armed militias in Benghazi went out, demanding that he be given a military ruler of the country.

Two speeches in one day seen by observers as the beginning of Haftar’s coup against Aqila Saleh, who installed him as “Commander-in-Chief of the Army”, and an attempt by Saleh to deal with Haftar’s steps by proposing a political initiative that might get in the way of Haftar’s path towards the coup.

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