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Aqeela Saleh’s first deputy: We reject the coup against the democratic path and we call for a referendum on the constitution.

The first deputy speaker of the Tobruk Parliament, Fawzi Al-Nuwairi, announced on Wednesday his rejection of the coup against the democratic process and the electoral process, whatever its source and argument, pointing to his adherence to the democratic political process that expresses the free voter.

Al-Nuwairi referred, in a statement, to what the country is going through today to the absence and delay in the issuance of the constitution that organizes the state and separates all political conflicts, Adding that work should be made to enable the people to vote on the draft constitution that has been completed to block the way for all agendas lying in wait for the state’s fate, as he put it.

Al-Nuwairi added that obtaining freedom is an honor and a responsibility at the same time, and everyone is obligated to face all the dangers that lead to the fragmentation of the homeland, and in this way we move away from the culture of nervousness and he called on his colleagues in the parliament to unite, in order to create a national project that speeds up the end of chaos and fighting.

Al-Nuwairi explained that despite all the challenges, difficulties and dangers that beset them as members of the House of Representatives, he remembers his colleague Siham Sarqiyo, Where the incident of assault on her, as he described, represented a stigma in the forehead of the person who committed this act, she is a Libyan woman before being a politician.

Al-Nuwairi added that the Libyans, after nine years of revolution, are still searching for a state that has been plagued by internal contradictions and external interference, stressing that dialogue is the only way to resolve all the differences between the people of the same country and stop the bloodshed of its sons.

Khalifa Haftar announced that he accepted what he described as the people’s authorization for him to lead the country, and to overthrow the political agreement recognized by the Security Council and the United Nations.

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