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Aqeela calls for municipal elections, and Haftar obstructs them in Traghin and Alqatroon .. Will Aqeela clash with Haftar?

The Speaker of the Tobruk Representatives announced the holding of municipal council elections as soon as possible, and work to lay down the constitutional and legal rules for presidential and parliamentary elections, in response to the citizens’ demands

Aqeela’s statement came after the conclusion of the consultations in the Moroccan city of Bo-zniqa between the delegations of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the state, which dealt with the unification of the state’s sovereign institutions and the amendment of the Presidential Council.


Against this declaration, Haftar always seeks to abort any democratic process, and takes the initiative to destroy it in its cradle. On August 25, an armed group affiliated with him disrupted the electoral process in the city of Traghin.


Haftar’s militias also disrupted the electoral process of the Alatroon Municipal Council in the same month, when one of Haftar’s arms, called Al-Mabruk Sahban, sent his militia to the municipality, to disrupt and sabotage the electoral process.

Military rule

Haftar and his militias have several precedents in disrupting and torpedoing the electoral process, as the military governor in Derna – bin Jawad, who is assigned by the Tobruk Parliament and one of Haftar’s arms, Abdel Razek Al-Nazouri, has assigned military personnel to head the municipal councils, such as the municipality of Al-Abyar, the municipality of Kufra, the municipality of Ajdabiya and other municipalities.

No constitution

Khalifa Haftar did not hide his desire not to vote on the constitution, as he said in 2018 in a meeting that brought him together with a number of social figures, that he had asked the Speaker of the Tobruk Parliament, Aqeela Saleh, to amend the election law and correct the constitution, and that the constitution should be left for later, and it is not the right time for at the moment , according to his description.


It is worth noting that Haftar came out, in a televised statement in 2014, in which he called for the freezing of the constitutional declaration and the overthrow of the legitimacy of the General National Congress derived from the 2012 elections.

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