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Approval of the financial arrangements 2020.

President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, approved on Tuesday, the financial arrangements for 2020 after a thorough discussion of its items without announcing its value.

Asarraj discussed, during his meeting with the heads of the House of Representatives and the Supreme State, the governor of the Central Bank of Libya, and the head of the Audit Bureau, and the presence of the commander of the joint operations room, the financial requirements for the current stage in light of the forced closure of oil fields and ports.

The meeting agreed to form a crisis committee of those present, in addition to the Minister of Interior Fathi Pashaga, to deal with the current crises, and to ensure the flow of public services for citizens.

And local media quoted sources in the Central Bank that the financial arrangements for this year amounted to more than 35 billion Libyan dinars.

It is worth noting that the size of the general budget in the financial arrangements for Libya for the year 2019 amounted to 46.8 billion dinars equivalent to 33.6 billion dollars, based on an estimate of oil production up to 1.2 million barrels per day at an average price of 60 dollars per barrel.

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