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An upcoming session of the 5 + 5 committee in Ghadames … and observers are optimistic about the occurrence of a consensus on ousting mercenaries and opening roads.

After the 5 + 5 military committee completed its duties and signed the ceasefire in the entire country, it is now tasked with the implementation mechanism, which the committee chose to have an understanding about it within the borders of the country, specifically the city of Ghadames in the far southwest of the country.

The delegations of the Military Commission arrived in Ghadames in the morning. In preparation for the start of the meeting, which will discuss the removal of mercenaries and armed groups from the regions of Sirte and Al-Jufra and their surroundings, declaring them demilitarized zones, clearing the main roads and air bases in the south of mercenaries and armed groups, and securing the movement of vehicles and citizens in them. Are there indications about the success of this session, which is held for the first time in Libya ?

Great Victory

Writer Abdul Aziz Al-Ghanai said, The session could culminate in the possibility of opening the coastal road, and there will be a dialogue on the implementation of disarmament of Sirte and Al Jufra, pointing out that this will be a great victory for the work of the two committees.

Al-Ghanai added, in a statement to Arraed, that the previous sessions of the “5 + 5” committee had melted a lot of ice between the two parties, and that this session comes as a start after the end of the Geneva session, which witnessed the signing of the ceasefire agreement.

Al-Ghanai confirmed that the topics raised will be the beginning of implementation mechanisms, which may clash with intransigence on the side of Al Karama, and its blackmail by Russia through the mercenaries of the “Wagner”, noting that the withdrawal of the “Wagner” from the oil fields and ports is promising, especially since they do not enjoy any political or diplomatic cover, under American pressure.

A dramatic shift

For his part, political activist Musa Tihosai believed that the meeting of the “5 + 5” committees would smoothly lead to a security work committees to maintain security in the central region, and return all forces to their original headquarters from the two parties.

Tihosai considered, in a statement to Arraed, that the committee’s meeting, today in Ghadames, represents a new shift after signing a permanent ceasefire, in addition to ousting foreign mercenaries from the country within 3 months, according to him.

Tihosai added that despite the caution of some obstacles that may face the executive procedures of these committees, this is a normal matter that can be overcome, if there is determination on the part of the Libyan military and political parties, especially with the wave of hope full of expectations.

Practical approaches

While the writer Al-Senussi Ismail emphasized that there are practical approaches, some of which can be implemented quickly, such as opening and securing roads, unifying and restructuring the Petroleum Facilities Guard, and exchanging detainees.

In a statement to Arraed, Ismail said that some approaches await the outcome of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which will be held in Tunis, adding that it is expected that the Tunis Dialogue will establish a new “three members” presidential council, the head of a national unity government and two deputies, then the implementation of items can start, a ceasefire related to the expulsion of security companies, mercenaries, and foreign military forces from all parts of the country.

Ismail indicated that unifying the structures of military and security institutions, dismantling and rehabilitating armed groups, and integrating them into the army, police and other institutions are all optimistic, pointing out that this optimism in this case has justification, evidence and data through reading the international balance and local consensus, both of which led to the success in reaching a Permanent and comprehensive ceasefire agreement in Libya as he put it.

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