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An Israeli newspaper reveals Haftar’s meeting with the Israeli Mossad.

The Israeli “Haaretz” newspaper revealed that representatives of “Mossad” had met Haftar at a previous time in the presence of Egyptian and Emirati intelligence and supplied him with weapons.

The newspaper stated, according to its official website, that the Mossad is responsible for the Israeli relations with the Gulf countries, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Libya, noting that Israel recently adopted a more balanced approach towards the reconciliation government led by Fayez Al-Sarraj, which is internationally recognized.

It is worth noting that the “TRT” channel Arabic , in early August, reported numerous research and media reports stating that Haftar had received support from Israel against the reconciliation government, and he was trying to conceal this out of fear of public opinion in the Libyan street, and that Israel was seeking to keep its relationship with Haftar secret in order not to embarrass him in front of public opinion. The Arab and Islamic movement, especially before its supporters in eastern Libya, led by the Madkhala Salafist movement and Arab nationalists.

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