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An Armed Group Attacked A Pumping Station Of The River

The administration of the Great Man-Made River system announced a storm by an armed group on the pumping station in the southern field in the fields of Al-Hasnawah water wells, that had intimidated the engineers and technicians, whom their mobile phones and some of their own belongings were stolen.

On the official front page, the administration appealed to all responsible and military authorities to assume their responsibilities and to protect the wells of Al-Hasanawah water system to maintain the continuous pumping of water into the cities and avoid the water shortage disaster, especially with the continued theft and sabotage of the well-running components.

The administration confirmed the seriousness of these attacks on the safety of users and the progress of work, which became frequent, referring to the kidnapping of foreign engineers last July, whose fate is still unknown.

Last week, the industrial river system was destroyed, vandalized and four wells were razed, after the western field of Al-Hasnwnah was attacked with by armed men.

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