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An American lawyer filed a lawsuit against Hifter and will stand trial in the US courts.

American lawyer “Kevin Carroll” said that he filed a lawsuit against Hifter on behalf of his Libyan clients after they were tortured and members of their families killed by Hifter militias, stressing that Hifter will pay the price of the crimes he committed.

Carroll added, in a press statement, on Monday, that Hifter is an American citizen, and with he owns with his men property in the United States of America and they will be tried before the American judiciary, and no political interference in the case will be carried out by certain parties in the United States.

Carroll explained that one of his clients, an American citizen of Libyan origin who tried to protect his house during the Libyan crisis and was wounded, was arrested by Hifter’s forces, and was beaten with hoses, cables and punches for several days, and with electric shock for several hours.

Carroll confirmed that Hifter violates the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, and is responsible for war crimes, he is not a head of state and has no immunity, and he must return to Virginia to face charges before the court.

“Carroll ” pointed out that Hifter owns 17 properties registered in the United States, and if he does not face charges before the American judiciary, the case will affect his properties.

It is worth noting that the Virginia Federal Court accepted, last Saturday, the case against Khalifa Hifter filed by Libyan citizens against him.

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