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Amid popular restlessness, “Benghazi” wakes up to bodies dumped in the roads … and “Al-Nadhuri” imposes a curfew.

Chaos and a tragic situation in the city of Benghazi, which is under the control of Haftar and his militia, has made a number of notables, sheikhs and wise men of the city break their silence and call for an end to these recurring crimes.

Corpses and a curfew

In a continuation of this dire situation, on Friday in Benghazi, two unidentified bodies were found, hands tied behind their backs, with bullet holes in the head, on the seashore west of the city.

Eyewitnesses from Benghazi confirmed to Arraed Thursday that 15 bodies, one of them a woman, had been found behind the al-Hawari cement factory.

Newspaper sources said that the bodies were taken by the “155th Battalion” to the Benghazi Medical Center, amid secrecy and security restrictions.

In order to avoid a wave of widespread public anger at this security chaos, the head of Haftar’s military ruler, Abdul-Razek Al-Nazouri, issued a decision of a complete curfew from seven in the evening until seven in the morning for a period of two weeks, starting from Friday for all cities in the Eastern Region.

Public unrest

On March 16, the sheikhs and notables of Cyrenaica called on the forum of the Saluq region south of Benghazi, the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to investigate the cases of murder and kidnapping that took place in Benghazi, such as the case of the assassination of one of the sheikhs of Al-Awaqir, “Braik Allawati” and the kidnapping of parliamentarian “Siham Serqiwa”

The meeting of the so-called Al-Abyar Forum for the notables of the Eastern Province on March 15, demanded to reveal the secret prisons, the fate of the kidnapped, punish the kidnappers, and remove all the brigades and armed formations from Benghazi.

A number of “Al-Awaqir tribe” complained in a video statement about the deteriorating security situation in the city and what they described as “the violation of sanctities”, by storming homes late at night by Haftar’s militias, warning of their impatience with the actions of these militias.

Militias are out of control

On March 3, the wanted person at the International Criminal Court and the commander of the execution group of the special force militia, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, stormed the headquarters of the Toyota agent in Benghazi, threatening to kill and execute its owner in a move met with widespread condemnation. Following that, Al-Werfalli’s brother appears in a video clip, promising to kill anyone who criticizes or rejects his brother’s actions.

The Minister of Interior of Al-Thani government, Ibrahim Bouchnaf, said in a statement last February that the city of Benghazi is experiencing a state of security chaos that is almost out of control.

During his speech at the Benghazi Security Directorate, Bouchnaf called on the security services not to leave the city and make it a safe haven for criminals, stressing the importance of dealing firmly and seriously to establish security.

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