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Amid elections and changes in the Presidency of the Representatives and the Supreme State Councils … Democracy is absent in the East.

In an image that reflects the continuation of the democratic process represented by the elections, which was one of the most important achievements of the revolution of the 17th of February, the capital Tripoli continued to practice the electoral process, which did not stop with all transparency and consensus, and this appears in the multiple elections that took place in the Supreme Council of State, and in the House of Representatives When they moved to work from Tripoli.

Election and appointment of military personnel

Prior to that, the western region held municipal council elections, despite the circumstances and difficulties, in which successive elections were held in the cities of Zawiya, Bani Waleed and Derje, at a time when some cities are preparing to renew the election of their municipal councils, such as Misurata and Kikla.

The areas controlled by the military by Haftar witnessed the removal of the elected mayors and replaced with the assigned military personnel who control all issues and the affairs of the areas they control.

Since Haftar’s control, we have not seen elections take place in the areas that he controls, and we have not seen any form of democratic transition or any form of elections, but rather spoiled the municipal elections in the city of Sebha. Successive elections in the Supreme Council of State ,the Supreme Council of State rotated his presidency since he emerged from the political agreement signed on the 15th of December 2015 ,Three presidents in elections took place , first Abdulrahman Alshater elected as the oldest member then Abdulrahman Alswaihli was elected as president After that, member Khaled al-Mashri was elected, he remained as president, until he was re-elected on Sunday.

Elections in the House of Representatives

Since his conversion to Tripoli as well as to the House of Representatives, In protest of the aggression launched by Haftar on Tripoli in April 2019, member of Parliament Sadiq Al-Khaili was elected as president as the oldest member, then elections took place inside it, in which Al-Khaili was re-elected, he continued in it until other elections were held, after which Hammouda Siala was elected Speaker of Parliament In Tripoli, in which MP Jalal Al-Shuwaihdi was elected as First Vice-President of the Council, and Deputy Muhammad Adam Lino as Second Deputy.

Aqeela Saleh is the only one

Opposite to all of this, Aqeela Saleh remained Speaker of the Tobruk House of Representatives from its first session in August 2014 until now, as he prevented in all of this period any attempt to renew its leadership through democratic elections.

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