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“American Daily Signal”: Hifter used the “Wagner” to achieve military progress.

The American “Daily Signal” website said that Hifter’s use for more than two thousand mercenaries from the Russian “Wagner” company, came as a result of his inability to advance towards the capital last August.

The website added, on Friday, that Russia’s interference in Libya was unlikely to be decisive, and it was giving Moscow influence in strategic countries, and that its involvement in the fight with Haftar was probably designed to give Putin influence over Europe.

The site pointed out that the Wagner Group operates by order of the Kremlin, and the Russian government provides its fighters with with advanced weapons and equipment, noting that its intervention prompted Turkey to intervene and support the legitimate government, according to him.

It is worth noting that the French newspaper “Le Monde” said, last January, that Saudi Arabia financed the operations of Russian Wagner mercenaries who are fighting alongside Hifter militias in Libya.

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